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Pool Repairs & Leak Detection

You wanted your pool to be your backyard oasis.  But issues will inevitably come up and ruin the serenity of the paradise you built!  Getting the run-around, or half answers from contractors can make this aggravation even worse.  Let us help you get back to the peace of your little slice-of-heaven as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 

Pico Pools is one of the only local pool companies that employs a SCUBA certified diver.  That paired with our over 20 years of pool repair experience, means that we can repair leaks in pools without needing to drain and refill the pool.  Saving you hundreds on your water bill, and chemical usage!  

We are a certified warranty shop for all the major pool equipment brands, and can deal directly with the manufacturer to get your warranty issue solved quickly, and with as little aggravation as possible!  Our most important advertiser is you!  We want your experience with us to be as pleasurable as possible, even in this stressful time, and will never try to confuse you with technical terms and overinflated bills.  We will spend the time to walk you through what your issues are, and your options for repairs  

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