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Pool Renovations

It’s sad to say, but there are too many pools and patios out there that were built by “fly-by-night” contractors.  When a pool is new, it’s hard to tell the difference between quality workmanship, and budget driven “cheapest way possible”  construction. 

We at Pico Pools pride ourselves in the fact that our pools not only will look great when they are new, but will continue to look great in years to come – but alas, we didn’t build every pool on Long Island. 

There is no issue on your pool that we can’t find or that we are not able to address.  We’ve seen it all, and are expert at taking a subpar job, and turning it into a lasting beauty.  When issues with your pool pop up, it can be frustrating, and sometimes hard to diagnose.  Leave it to us to find the cause of your problems, and tell you the best, and most cost effective way to rectify them.

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